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Embarking on an awe-inspiring Inca Trail to Machu Pichu adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and choosing the best Inca Trail operators can make all the difference. With the proper guidance and support, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and rich history of this ancient pathway. In this blog post, you’ll discover the top 10 best Machu Picchu hiking tour companies, learn about alternative Inca Trek experiences, and gain insights on preparing for your unforgettable trek. Let’s begin this journey together and find the perfect tour agency for your Machu Picchu trekking adventure.

Short Summary

  • The Inca Trail is a 26-mile trek through the Andes Mountains of Peru, offering an immersive experience. It is the number one hiking destination in South America.
  • Choosing a reputable tour provider for your adventure ensures legal requirements are met and safety considerations are prioritized.
  • Reviews, group size/dynamics, customization & flexibility, should be considered when selecting a tour agency to ensure a memorable and rewarding experience.

Understanding the Inca Trail

best inca trail tour companies The Inca Trail is a 26-mile pathway located in the Andes Mountains of Peru, beginning in Patallaqta and ending at Machu Picchu. This ancient trail weaves through the breathtaking landscapes of the Sacred Valley, offering trekkers a challenging and rewarding experience. Despite the physical demands of the trail, with the assistance of a reliable tour agency, hikers of all abilities can complete this unforgettable journey. Most inca trail operators provide porter services, allowing you to focus on the hike, the experience, and meals throughout the trek.

The Route

The typical Inca Trail tour lasts four days and three nights, with most tours departing from Cusco. The trail’s most challenging segment, Dead Woman’s Pass, is usually encountered on the second or third day of the trek. Despite its challenging nature, the Inca Trail offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of the Andes Mountains and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the region.

Trekking Experience

Safety and expertise are crucial in ensuring an enjoyable and memorable Inca Trail trekking experience. Tour guides possess in-depth knowledge of the area, alerting you to potential risks and health concerns. Furthermore, reputable tour companies provide essential support services, such as ground transportation, food and water, camping equipment, and first-aid kits. By choosing a reliable tour provider, you can focus on the incredible journey ahead, knowing that your safety and well-being are in capable hands.

Why Choose a Tour Operator for Your Inca Trail Adventure


Legal Requirements

To trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you must obtain a permit, adhere to regulations on group size (maximum of 10 people per guide and 500 people per day), and respect restrictions on camping locations. Furthermore, all guides must be licensed, and trekking permits must be purchased several months in advance. By choosing a licensed tour provider, you can ensure that your adventure adheres to the necessary legal requirements and supports responsible tourism in the region.

Support Services

Tour companies provide vital support services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable Inca Trail experience. The services provided on these trips include ground transportation, hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and pisco, plus admission to Machu Picchu. Other support comes in the form of professional tour guides, porters, camping tents, meal tents, and a first-aid kit. By selecting a tour outfitter with comprehensive support services, you can focus on the Inca Trail’s breathtaking scenery and unique cultural experiences.

Safety and Expertise

Safety and expertise should be top priorities when selecting an Inca Trail tour provider. A reputable tour agency will have the necessary experience, permits, and safety protocols to ensure an enjoyable and secure trek. Factors to consider when assessing a company’s reputation and licensing include customer feedback, licensing, and accreditation. Additionally, when evaluating the staff’s experience, consider the years they have worked in the industry and the number of tours they have led. By prioritizing safety and expertise in your tour company selection, you can confidently and confidently embark on your Inca Trail adventure. Furthermore, always choose a company that excels in treating their porters weel, now that in case of an emergency, the porters will be the ones at the core of any rescue operation, which translates to ‘they will carry you out of the Inca Trail’ by means of a stretcher.

Other Factors to Consider When Selecting an Inca Trail Tour Agency

best inca trail tour operators Several other factors must be considered when selecting the perfect inca trail operator. Reputation and reviews, group size and dynamics, customization, and flexibility are all essential aspects to consider when deciding. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose a tour provider that best suits your needs, preferences, and expectations, ensuring a memorable and rewarding Inca Trail to Machu Picchu experience.

Reputation and Reviews

Reputation and reviews play a significant role in selecting the best of the many Machu Picchu tour companies. Customer feedback provides valuable insights into the quality of the services offered by the company. Positive reviews on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and Tripadvisor can indicate a tour agency’s performance and customer satisfaction. However, going solely for the rank or the number of positive reviews a company might have can play the role of a double edge sword in which, unknowingly, one might book with the wrong company.   Companies with 95%-99% positive reviews should usually reflect those reviews and reputation in some other travel resources that will reflect back that reputation. For instance, travel journals, Magazines, and reputable international media outlets. In my opinion, the ones who do that are generally considered to be reliable choices. You can trust that your Inca Trail adventure will be in capable hands by selecting a tour agency with a strong reputation in the international media and positive reviews.

Group Size and Dynamics

Group size and dynamics are crucial factors to consider when selecting an Inca Trail tour company. Most tour companies typically limit their groups to 16 people or fewer, creating an intimate and personalized experience. Some companies may even offer discounts for large groups. By considering group size and dynamics, you can select a tour company that best suits your preferences and ensures a comfortable and enjoyable trekking experience.

Customization and Flexibility

Customization and flexibility are essential aspects to consider when selecting an Inca Trail tour provider. Some companies may offer the option to personalize the itinerary with additional activities or destinations and the ability to select the tour duration, accommodation type, and mode of transportation. You can tailor your Inca Trail adventure to meet your unique needs and preferences by choosing a tour company that offers customization and flexibility.

Top 7 Best Inca Trail Tour Companies

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision, let’s explore the top 10 Inca Trail tour companies. These companies have been carefully selected based on the abovementioned criteria, ensuring you will have an unforgettable adventure on the Inca Trail. From luxury experiences to budget-friendly options, a tour company is on this list to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences.

Best Ethical & Sustainable Tour Operator

Evolution Treks Peru

In search of an Inca Trail tour operator prioritizing ethical practices who delivers an extraordinary experience? Allow us to introduce you to Evolution Treks Peru. A unique company rooted in Andean concepts believing in AINY or reciprocity sets them apart as an exceptional operator that values human beings over everything else. Evolution Treks Peru’s commitment includes incorporating fair profit sharing among their team members (tour guides, porters, and cooks); profiting must come from doing things right for them. This commendable approach proves their unwavering dedication to providing a sustainable and equitable working environment. As an additional feather in their cap, they have been acknowledged by some of the most respected travel-related media outlets such as Fodors’ Travel, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic. That alone speaks volumes about the high quality of ethical tourism practices this company maintains. Evolution Treks has always believed in pioneering change – something they have proved this time with their use of female porters as an indicator in promoting gender equality and empowerment. This initiative has put them under the National Geographics limelight. Receiving recognition within this renowned organization along with a blog post written by one of their female porters on New Peruvian. For travelers feeling intimidated by joining group tours with many participants involved – Evolution Treks addressed that too! They offer small group tours to provide exceptional experiences while fostering stronger culturally immersive connections between travelers and their environment. One thing to keep in mind is Evolution Treks price point might be higher compared to standard operators. Nevertheless, considering what you pay for good value for money, wise is worth investing your trust in when you book with Evolution Treks since you’re supporting a company committed to maintaining ethical principles while promoting positive change within the tourism industry. Pros: Ethical practices such as fair profit sharing among staff members. – A company acknowledged by various reputable travel-related media outlets. – Pioneer usage of female porters striving for gender equality. – Small group tours allow more personalized experiences. Cons: Slightly higher cost likely compared to other operators. Opting to embark on an Inca Trail expedition with this company means supporting ethical tourism initiatives and facilitating positive change within the surrounding communities – something all conscientious travelers can appreciate.

Best Inca Trail tour company for Large Groups

LLama Path

Llama Path Inca Trail Group Service is renowned for prioritizing porter welfare, offering an ethical and responsible trekking experience. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, Llama Path ensures that your Inca Trail adventure is both enjoyable and environmentally friendly. In addition to their social and environmental commitments, Llama Path offers an exceptional trekking experience with knowledgeable guides, excellent customer service, and a range of tour options to suit your needs.

Best alternative company

Photo Tours Peru

Photo Tours Peru, led by seasoned photographer and tour guide Flavio Huamani, offers a unique concept aimed at photography enthusiasts and beginners seeking to enhance their skills while exploring the Inca Trail and beyond. This alternative approach sets them apart from conventional tour operators. With their tailor-made tours and all-inclusive packages, Photo Tours Peru ensures a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish. Their reliable services and positive feedback from travelers make them an excellent choice for those looking to capture stunning photographs and immerse themselves in the beauty of Peru. Pros:

  1. The innovative concept aimed at photographers and wildlife watchers is a big part of their success.
  2. Customized tours and reliable services.


  1. Slightly higher prices compared to some other tour operators.

Valencia Travel Cusco

Valencia Travel Cusco is an exceptional trek and tour company that caters to travelers seeking outstanding experiences in the mesmerizing region of Cusco, Peru. With their dedication to providing top-notch services and attention to detail, Valencia Travel ensures that every traveler embarks on a memorable journey regardless of age or experience. I had the pleasure of joining their trek to Machu Picchu via the alternative Huchuy Qosqo trail in 2015, and it was truly remarkable. One of the standout aspects of Valencia Travel is its commitment to customer service. From the warm and friendly staff to their knowledgeable guides and enthusiastic porters, every team member ensures that your trek is enjoyable but also safe and comfortable. The quality of the food provided during the tour was exceptional, and I particularly cherished the moments of sipping delightful glasses of chicha, a traditional Peruvian beverage, along the way. Pros:

  1. Friendly and dedicated staff focused on customer service.
  2. Outstanding attention to detail in providing a comfortable trekking experience.


  1. Lack of inclusiveness in not hiring women porters.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel offers a unique 7-day Inca Trail tour beyond the classic trek to Machu Picchu. Their comprehensive itinerary includes additional exploration of Cusco and the Sacred Valley, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the region’s rich cultural heritage. Founded by friends driven by a shared passion for adventure, Intrepid Travel brings their wealth of experience to curating immersive journeys along the Inca Trail. While their tour packages may have slightly higher prices than some other operators, the value they provide through a well-rounded experience is worth the investment. Pros:

  1. Experienced tour operator with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.
  2. Comprehensive itineraries encompass not only the trek but also the cultural highlights of the region.


  1. Slightly higher prices compared to some other tour companies.
  2. Lack of inclusiveness in not hiring women porters.

Wayki Trek

Wayki Trek is an exceptional tour operator that stands out for its dedication to small group sizes and personalized experiences. Unlike many other operators that reach the maximum group limit, Wayki Trek limits their groups to a maximum of eight trekkers, ensuring a more intimate and immersive journey. Founded in 1998 by experienced tour guides from diverse rural communities in the Cusco Region, Wayki Trek combines their local knowledge and expertise to provide a memorable and rewarding experience along the Inca Trail. They offer a variety of Inca Trail treks of different durations, catering to travelers’ preferences and fitness levels. Pros:

  1. Experienced tour operator with a focus on personalized tours.
  2. Customized itineraries and excellent service.


  1. Lack of inclusiveness in not hiring women porters.

Inkayni Peru Tours

Inkayni Peru Tours is a reputable tour operator offering a range of Inca Trail tours that cater to various preferences and timeframes. Whether you opt for the classic 4-day trek, a more leisurely 5-day journey, or the challenging 7-day trek encompassing additional Inca sites, Inkayni Peru Tours ensures an unforgettable Inca Trail experience. With their excellent customer support and professionalism, Inkayni Peru Tours prioritizes the satisfaction of their travelers. They provide knowledgeable guides and well-organized itineraries to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trekking experience in the breathtaking landscapes of Peru. Pros:

  1. Excellent customer support and professionalism.
  2. A diverse range of Inca Trail tours to suit different preferences.


  1. Lack of inclusiveness in not hiring women porters.

Other Inca Trail Tour Operators in the Machu Picchu Area

South Adventure Peru Tours offers a range of features to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all travelers. These include real-time availability, secure online reservation, payment options, and discounts for children. Trexperience – Expert Tour Operator Review: Trexperience is an adventure tour operator with a strong reputation for providing reliable and enjoyable experiences on the Inca Trail. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they prioritize delivering exceptional service to ensure travelers have a memorable journey. Pros:

  1. Strong reputation for customer satisfaction.
  2. Reliable and enjoyable experience on the Inca Trail.

Cons: None mentioned. Sam Travel Peru Expeditions – Expert Tour Operator Review: Sam Travel Peru Expeditions is a highly regarded tour company specializing in short Inca Trail tours to Machu Picchu. With a reputation for reliability, they offer travelers a trustworthy option for exploring this iconic destination within a limited timeframe. Pros:

  1. Reliable and trustworthy tour company.
  2. Specializes in short Inca Trail tours.

Cons: None mentioned. Sun Gate Tours – Expert Tour Operator Review: Sun Gate Tours is a Peruvian-owned and Cusco-based Inca Trail operator with a track record from 2004. Focusing on providing a solid and affordable Inca Trail experience, they offer reliable and conscientious service to travelers. Pros:

  1. Peruvian-owned and Cusco-based tour operator.
  2. Solid and affordable Inca Trail option.

Cons: None mentioned. Quechua Treks Peru – Expert Tour Operator Review: Quechua Treks Peru specializes in private Inca Trail and Salkantay tours, catering to travelers who prefer a more personalized experience. They emphasize private tours and aim to provide a customized and tailored journey along these iconic trails. Pros:

  1. Specializes in private Inca Trail and Salkantay tours.
  2. Provides a personalized and customized experience.

Cons: None mentioned. Apus Peru Adventure Travel – Expert Tour Operator Review: Apus Peru Adventure Travel offers camping tours on the Inca Trail, the Ausangate trek, and other alternative hikes in the Cusco area. With their focus on adventure and outdoor experiences, they provide travelers with opportunities to explore the stunning landscapes of Peru. Pros:

  1. Offers camping tours on the Inca Trail and other alternative hikes.
  2. Emphasis on adventure and outdoor experiences.

Cons: None mentioned. Inti Sun Trek – Expert Tour Operator Review: Inti Sun Trek is a well-established trekking company that offers Inca Trail tours and private Humantay and Rainbow Mountain options. Their experience and expertise in organizing treks provide travelers with reliable and enjoyable journeys to these iconic destinations. Pros:

  1. Well-established trekking company.
  2. Offers a great Inca Trail private tour and private Rainbow Mountain options.

Cons: None mentioned. Terra Explorer Peru – Expert Tour Operator Review: Terra Explorer Peru provides tours to help travelers explore Peru’s mysterious places and discover the beauty of South America. With their diverse range of tours, they offer opportunities to uncover hidden gems and unique experiences in the region. Pros:

  1. Emphasis on exploring Peru’s mysterious places.
  2. A diverse range of tours to discover South America.

Cons: None mentioned.

How About Other International travel trekking companies

Whenever you want to hire one of the many international inca trail companies, consider the following; Are they tour operators or just resellers Are they fair to their porters and staff if they are operators? If they are resellers, then are their operators fair to their porters and staff? Always ask the right questions.

Alternative Inca Trail Experiences

While the classic Inca Trail trek is an unforgettable experience, alternative Inca Trail experiences are available for those seeking a different adventure. Shorter treks, mountain biking, and horseback riding are all alternative options for exploring the beauty and history of the Inca Trail. Let’s dive into these unique experiences and discover which one is the perfect fit for your next adventure.

Shorter Treks

Shorter treks on the Inca Trail are available for travelers with limited time or those seeking a less strenuous experience Huayna Picchu . Options include the two-day Inca Trail, the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and the Shortest Inca Trail. These treks vary in difficulty but still provide breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains, lush forests, and Inca sites. Consult a tour company specializing in shorter treks for more information and booking options.

Mountain Biking and Horseback Riding

Best Inca Trail Tour Companies Consider mountain biking or horseback riding tours for a more exhilarating and unique Inca Trail experience. These alternative options allow you to explore the stunning landscapes of the Sacred Valley at a different pace and from a different perspective. Mountain biking and horseback riding tours are typically available for experienced and physically fit individuals and often last between five to nine days. To embark on an adrenaline-fueled Inca Trail adventure, consult a tour company that specializes in these unique experiences.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Routes

For the more adventurous traveler, off-the-beaten-path routes on the Inca Trail offer a unique and lesser-traveled experience. Options include the Salcantay Route, the Lares Route, the Vilcabamba Traverse Route, and the Lodge Trek. These alternative routes provide an opportunity to explore the remote and rugged terrain of the Andes Mountains, away from the crowds of the classic Inca Trail. To embark on a truly unique and unforgettable adventure, consult a tour company that specializes in off-the-beaten-path trekking opportunities in the Andes.

Preparing for Your Inca Trail Trek

Proper preparation is essential for a safe and enjoyable Inca Trail. From physical fitness to packing essentials and health and safety precautions, being well-prepared can make all the difference in your Inca Trail experience. Let’s explore the key aspects of preparation to ensure you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Physical Fitness

To successfully complete the Inca Trail, a basic level of fitness is required due to the four days of walking for several hours each day covering a distance of 26 miles (42 km) and reaching an elevation of up to 13,828 feet (4,215 meters). A rigorous training regimen should be initiated 3-6 months prior to your trek, focusing on cardiovascular, light weight lifting, and endurance training such as ascending and descending hills and stairs. By dedicating time and effort to your physical preparation, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges and enjoy the rewards of the Inca Trail trek.

Packing Essentials

Packing the right essentials for your Inca Trail trek is crucial to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the journey. Essentials include a 30-36L backpack, exercise tanks, hiking pants, leggings, shorts, hiking socks, a waterproof jacket, a light down jacket, a scarf, gloves, a knitted winter hat, and a water bottle. Packing lightweight and durable items, layers of clothing, and a first aid kit is also recommended. By packing the right essentials, you’ll be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions and varying terrain of the Inca Trail.

Health and Safety Precautions

Health and safety precautions are of utmost importance when taking an Inca Trail tour, as the trail is situated in a remote area with limited access to medical care and other resources. To ensure a safe and enjoyable trek, consider packing necessary supplies, wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, and being mindful of the local environment. Additionally, be aware of potential risks associated with altitude sickness, dehydration, and other health concerns. Selecting a tour company that offers special accommodations or training to handle any health situations that may arise can also provide peace of mind throughout your journey.


In conclusion, the Inca Trail offers an unforgettable adventure through the Andes Mountains’ breathtaking landscapes and rich history. You can ensure a memorable and rewarding journey by choosing the right tour company, preparing adequately, and considering alternative Inca Trail experiences. With the top 10 Inca Trail tour operators and expert guidance in this blog post, you’re well-equipped to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. So lace up your hiking boots, embrace the challenge, and discover the wonders of the Inca Trail. Best Inca Trail Tour Companies

Miguel Angel Gongora Meza Miguel is a professional tour guide from Cusco, Peru, with almost 20 years of experience leading tours and a deep knowledge of Peru’s cultural and ecological diversity. He is also an advocate of ecotourism and cultural sensitivity and has lectured on these topics in the US and Europe. He co-founded Evolution Treks Peru, a worker-owned travel company based in Cusco.

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