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How To Pack Your Backpack

Whether you are planning to carry your own pack on one of our hikes or you simply want to figure out the best way to pack your backpack, we want you to make sure that you bring everything you need. Based on our experience, we have collected the following tips.

Before you pack:

  • Layout all the items you are planning to take. This is the best way to make sure you have everything you need and get organized.
  • Have a checklist of what you are planning to take
  • ask these questions: Do I need it? is it heavy? 
  •  Organize things by purpose. Use ziplock bags to separate items. Bag 1 could include toiletries, bag 2 could include medicines, bag 3 for food, bag 4 for batteries and electronics, bag 5 for sporting clothes and causal clothes. 
  • Keep insect repellent away from other items and its own ziplock bag.
  • Do not bring unnecessary items like heavy books, travel guides, or hair driers.​​​​ 

Packing your backpack:

  • Place your sleeping bag at the bottom of your backpack. 
  • Other lightweight items like casual clothing, a small sleeping pad, and pillow should go next.
  • Continue placing the rest of your stuff, including toiletries, clothing, and heavy electronics and food, next. 
  • Items such as headlamps, toilet paper, bug sprays, asthma inhalers, snacks, rain gear and cameras ought to be placed separately from the rest in a separate compartment of your backpack. You will need these to be fairly easily accessible during the trek.
  • Always make sure to place your first aid kit in an accessible location, such as the top of your backpack’s main compartment. This item needs to be accessible with minimum searching.
How To Pack Your Backpack