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Evolution Treks Peru terms and conditions


The following Terms and Conditions for booking a tour with us possess important information. Please read them carefully as they represent a binding contract between us; Evolution Treks Peru and You; the Signee, for the travel services provided by Evolution Treks Peru. The present document sets out the basis for a business relationship between you, the customer, and Evolution Treks Peru.

1. Deposit. When you book a tour with us, you agree to pay a non-refundable deposit for the specified tour. The deposit for most multi-day hikes is USD 300 and USD 90 for single-day tours.

2. Price Confidentiality. When booking with Evolution Treks Peru you agree to keep pricing confidential, and will not disclose such information to any third party except the people that have booked (paid) with you, without Evolution Treks Peru prior written consent.

3. Confirmation. You will receive a confirmation email for the tour that you made a deposit. In that email, you will receive this document in PDF format. By booking with us, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document, and the contract becomes valid.

4. Cancellations. The terms of cancelations are defined by how far in advance we are notified of it. No matter the cause, cancelations have different penalties to which you “our customer” agrees to abide.

●  Cancelations made one week before the trek are subject to forfeit 100% of the total cost of your tour. 

●  Cancelations made two weeks before the trek are subject to forfeit 80% of the total cost of your tour. 

●  Cancelations made three weeks before the trek are subject to forfeit 70% of the total cost of your tour. 

●  Cancelations made one month before the trek are subject to forfeit 60% of the total cost of your tour. 

5. In the event of a cancellation due to unforeseen events that are not related to COVID-19. Evolution Treks Peru will do everything in its reach to help you get to your destination, be that one of our tours or a different location. Also, Evolution Treks Peru will do everything in its reach to change the dates of third-party services such as train tickets, hotel reservations, and entrances of attractions, following the terms and conditions of such third-party service providers. You must cover all the extra expenses.

6. Covid 19. In case the Inca Trail closes because of COVID-19 and your trek is scheduled in between the closed dates you will be allowed to reschedule for 2022 at no cost. If the Inca Trail remains open your tour will remain scheduled and cancellation fees will be applied.

7. Insurance. We recommend that you present a valid traveler’s insurance policy to us at least three (03) days before the start of your hike. Evolution Treks Peru puts a lot of effort into the prevention of accidents during our tours. Our Guides are trained to respond appropriately in any given situation of emergency. However, the nature of adventure tourism demands a dose of a risk of accidents of which Evolution Treks Peru withdraws all liability. Make sure that your traveler insurance covers airplane cancelations, baggage lost and other things, emergency medical attention, etc.
Traveler insurance is optional.

8. Payments and Fees.

  • A 3% fee will be included in your partial deposit at the time you book for your tour.
  • An 8% Internacional bank fee will be added to all credit card, PayPal or Venmo payments of the remaining balance of your tours. Evolution Treks Peru.
  • All payments made by credit card, Paypal or Venmo must be completed one month before the start of your tour. Failing to complete your payment before this time will lead to a 10% increase in the total of your balance.
  • Last-minute Paypal, Venmo or credit card payments of your final balance are also subject to a 10% increase in the total of your balance. These extra fees will be used to cover extra charges to our third-party providers.
  • In case, you plan to paying in cash, then Evolution Treks Peru will provide a secure credit card form that you must fill in to ensure that your payment commitments are done according to these terms and conditions.

Peru’s credit card payment systems are quite new, expensive and unreliable. Payments made by cash must be completed at least TWO days before the start of your tour. Cash payments are encouraged in order to maximize our operational capabilities. We understand that you might feel uncomfortable carrying large sums of cash but in Peru, almost all payments, be that food, transportation, and labor are made in cash.

9. Staying in the Sacred Valley region. If you plan to stay in the Sacred Valley Region (Ollantaytambo, Urubamba, etc) before the start of your tour, then you must complete your payments upon your arrival in Cusco. Evolution Treks Peru doesn’t provide courier service for handling cash payments out of Cusco city. You are responsible to ensure we get the payment delivered to us prior to your trek.

10. Weight. If you are hiring an extra porter depending on the option you have chosen (full porter 14kg or half porter 7gk). You agree to not exceed the limit of the weight of these. The duffle bags will be weighed every day before the trek starts, the weight of the duffle bags should not exceed the maximum weight that you are allowed to take. Failing to do this will lead to an extra $50 USD fee. The fee only applies to the person violating the agreement.

11. Privacy. Evolution Treks Peru does not share your private information with anyone governmental or private agency that is not involved in providing you tourist services requested by you.