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Add Ons:


If you want to continue  your adventure at Machu Picchu, then add the Huayan Picchu mountain climb to it to complete your hike. 

Price 70USD


Spend the night before the Inca Trail in  one of the most exclusive hotels of the Sacred Valley of the Inca.
Tambo del Inka, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Valle Sagrado.
​Price $450USD per room


Belmond Hotel Monasterio
USD 500USD per room


Explore the amazing rainbow mountain of Peru in our exclusive 2-day tour.
USD 500USD per person


Explore the most beautiful City in south America in our exclusive city tour
USD 190USD per person

Other Important Information:

Visas. Peru does not require people to obtain a visa ahead of their arrival. However, People must have a validity of at least one-year validity left in their passports. 

Reservations. All luxury Inca Trail reservations must be made at least six months ahead of the planned starting date. If you are traveling between April and August, we recommend making your reservations before October 1st. All permits for the Inca Trail are released on October 1st of every year.

Acclimatization. We recommend that you arrive in Cusco at least three days before starting your trek if you are coming from sea level and two days if you have spent some time at altitudes over 7,000ft or 2000meters.

Transfers. Our private automobile and van units will come pick you up and drop you off from all the places where this service is required, be that airports, train stations and hotels, at no cost.
Other Tours. The exclusive city tour and the exclusive Sacred Valley tours will definitely help you improve the acclimatization process. Both tours provide a great chance to have an insider view of the Andean culture.

We also recommend the two-day exclusive Rainbow Mountain tour if you decide to spend more time in the Cusco area.
Accommodation. Cusco has some of the most beautiful and exclusive five-star hotels in Peru.

​ We will gladly make your reservations for you. Please call our travel specialist to guide you through everything that you will need to take care of before, during, and after your luxury Machu Picchu tour.

Trains. We use the tourist train services for the trip back to Cusco. Two train companies provide similar services to and from Machu Picchu. The most exclusive is the Hiram Bingham train; without any doubt, this is the best train service back to Cusco. The standard Service and Vistadome train provide a comfortable experience as well.

Meals. We cater to whatever dietary regime you follow; be that vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, etc. Also, we will prepare exclusive meals for those who have a celebration of any kind.

Tipping. Our tours are supported by a group of hard-working, well-trained women and men who carry all our camping gear along these mountains.  Evolution Treks Peru is the most renowned ethical tour operator in Peru.

Our porters receive the tourist industry’s best working conditions on the Inca Trail and get equal pay for both women and men. However, we do not oppose our clients wanting to contribute a bit more with their well being. In this sense, tips are voluntary.

The average tip per porter is 10USD per day while the chef gets double than that. Tour guides usually get between 5 and 10% of the total cost of the tour. Tips are usually given at the end of the tour.