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The Huchuy Qosqo Trek is a unique opportunity to trek on an off the beaten track location while empowering women to find emancipation and sustainable financial independence through their active participation in the tourism economic market.

At Evolution Treks Peru we believe in the fundamental role that women play in the life of the local Andean communities and the necessity to fully integrate them in the benefits of the tourism industry of Peru. We understand that gender discrimination in the workplace keeps women on the sidelines of the workforce and prevents half the population from enjoying the same rights as the other half.

Poverty levels in developing countries like Peru reach excessive levels amongst women, almost 70% of the world’s poorest people are women. Our belief is that by empowering women to be active members of the workforce that have been traditionally the realm of men, poverty rates could be slashed dramatically.  That is why Evolution Treks Peru has made an unbreakable promise to the women of the communities we visit and does its part of empowering women to voluntarily participate in the travel industry doing the jobs that were once taken by men so they can enjoy its benefits.  Evolution Treks Peru, together with the women of the Munay Chaska association of the native community of CCorcor have created a project to help these women work in the travel market. 

In this project, The women of Ccorccor have become the first ever women porters of Peru. Their job is to carry the camping equipment that tourists need in their trekking excursions to the Huchuy Qosqo archaeological site. Also, it is worth mentioning that all of our tours in this area are led by female tour guides as well.  The women from Ccorccor are native Quechua speakers who were born and raised in this community. Besides getting a better than average salary from working with our company, the Munay Chaska Association as a whole will receive 30% of the profits that our business makes from operating our tours in this area, as established in our agreement of cooperation and empowerment of women.

The percentage of benefits that this community will receive will be used to fund the construction of tourist lodging facilities that they can autonomously manage. Once this project is fully operational and the business starts making profits, the community will reinvest this money in the education of their children, prevention of health problems as well as in other projects of farming and job creation for men to improve the living standards of the community members as a whole.

About the author. 
Mikaela G Huaraya
 is a founding member of Evolution Treks Peru. She is an artist, a feminist, women rights’ activist, and animal lover. She works as the sales manager of Evolution Treks Peru. 

Empowering Women While Trekking In The Andean Mountains
Empowering Women While Trekking In The Andean Mountains
Empowering Women While Trekking In The Andean Mountains
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